Reason. Science. Proof. Logic!


Atheists love to talk about their love of reason and logic. They love to talk about the freedom of thought they received when they moved up the Dawkins scale from 4 or below to those higher numbers. Although most atheists will vehemently deny having a belief system (a position I can respect), if they were to have a Bible it would be full of proofs, peer reviewed texts, and probably a letter or two from Dawkins and Hitchens.

I can empathize with atheists to a certain extent.  I frankly find atheism to be more palatable than most mainstream evangelical Christianity. I respect the dedication to reason and logic. But I’ve run into a problem…

Many atheists simply don’t follow reason or logic in their discussions about religion.

This isn’t intended to be a blanket statement that covers all atheists, for just as there are many flavors of theists there are even more varieties of atheists. But for trumpeting reason and logic, tangible proof an scientific method, many atheists fall into the same traps which they crucify others for.

This blog is about my discussions with atheists on Twitter (here I am). It is not my intention to convert atheists or to make anyone look foolish or to engage in a shouting match. It is easy to allow a conversation to degenerate into name calling or intellectual dishonestly.  It is my honest hope that this is always avoided. This is merely a space to talk about talking with atheists, without being constricted to 140 characters.


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  1. You are so very right! To assert something as fact, you must follow with quantifiable evidence in support of given fact. To blindly assert something as truth without proof makes that person no better than the believers that he hopes to discredit.

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